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1.) Keep a safe following distance

Not keeping a safe following distance is the single biggest cause of accidents. What’s more is the fact that these accidents are impossible to blame on someone else. Nothing is worse than rear-ending another driver.

“What happened?”

“Well, I tried to stop. But then I didn’t.”

Good story. Unfortunately, it’s entirely your fault, which means your insurance will go up, you’ll be held liable for any damages, and you’ll look stupid. By keeping a safe following distance (the more street visible between you and the car in front of you, the better), you ensure you won’t be on the dummy end of this one. At minimum, you should follow the “Two Second Rule”, and stay at least two seconds (if not three or four) behind the car in front of you.

Keep these in mind while you're on the road

Keep aware whilst driving

2.) Don't speed

It sounds like something your Mum would say, but the truth is that there is validity to this tip. Speeding increases the likelihood of an accident, and does relatively little to impact arrival time.

Although it gives most drivers the illusion of getting to their destinations faster, most people who speed end up catching the same red lights and freight trains as those who obey the posted limits. By following the speed limits, drivers hugely reduce their likelihood of an accident.


3.) Blind spots

A blind spot is an area that can't be seen in your mirrors or that is masked by parts of the car's structure. An example of a blind spot caused by the car's stucture would be the front windscreen pillars - these can mask a distant object such as a motorcycle at a junction - with this in mind you must always take special care to compensate for blind spots by moving in your seat when necessary in order to get a good view. When moving off, the blind spots behind your left and right shoulders are critical.

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